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?I found time to listen to my tape again and make notes of how right on you were. You said that I had the patience of a saint. Ha!  How right.  With my family I have to have patience.  You said my oldest son had problems with his lungs.  He has had bad allergy problems all of his life.  He still has problems at times and needs to get back on his allergy shots, thus his lung problems are still persisting.  You mentioned a Suzanne, Richard, Howard and Frank.  These are names of friends of mine who have passed away.  My first visit with you, you told me that you thought my dad was there and he was just waving and there was none of that smoke stuff anymore. 

My dad smoked and died from lung cancer.  You said that this man spends a lot of time around the water with a pole and does a lot of fishing and that you were seeing a lot of golf clubs around this man he is doing extremely well.  My dad was a golf pro and he built a 3 par gold course that had a river running along 2 of the holes and we fished golf balls out of the river with a long pole all of the time.  My dad told you that he has teeth now.  My dad had gum disease when he was a young man and false teeth many years of his life.  You said he is doing this on the chest (you made a fist and held it like we do when we pledge to the flag) and that I would know what that means and it is real strong and back now.  Everything is altogether now.  This is the area where he had a tumor and lung cancer.  You said my dad told you that it was time to quit having the split between the siblings and that they all needed to be reunited and healed and that I would know what that was all about.  My two sons are at odds as well as my oldest son and myself.  You said Pauline was with us.  Pauline is my deceased aunt.  My Dad said that Albert was with him.  One of my dad?s best friends died and his nickname was Ab (short for Albert).  You also told that there was a Donald with us and he wanted you to tell me that he is trying to get through to someone named Christ.  Donald is my ex-husband and Cris is my youngest son.  You also told me not to worry about the new babies.  That they would be healthy, healthy, healthy.  One will be small, but not to worry about it.  We just had two brand new babies come into our family.  And there were very healthy.  You were right on.? P.C. - Tulare