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994 W. Corporate Lane
Nampa, ID 83651
Phone: (208)465-3610

"I have yet to meet anyone more giving of himself and his gifts as David Akins. He is more than a gifted psychic. He is truly a humanitarian. I have known David for about a year and have attended classes and message circles and have also been read privately. Before meeting David I had no knowledge of psychics and was highly skeptical. I think I was expecting a turban wearing swami or something. Within seconds of meeting David I knew that my guardians had led me to him. He told me things about myself, my life and my relationship that he could not have guessed at. His accuracy was totally amazing. I'm honored to call him a friend. He doesn't just "talk" about love and light and being connected. He is a shinning example of how to "walk the talk"." Debbie P. - Boise


"How does one begin to express to David and to God how thankful I am for his gift? At our first meeting in a Message Circle, David gave me messages of and for my father and his pending death. Subsequent personal readings have given me a very sense of personal and professional validation and direction as well. A message from an aunt "on the other side" gave me an answer to her suicide, which was a question that had haunted my mother for thirty years. Those I have recommended to him have countless questions answered too. And though I have been to another psychic, David's gift is most powerful because he knows it is from God. A beautiful face and a peaceful countenance.  How thankful I am to have David as a friend and to recommend his work." Faye B.- Meridian

"When you are with David, you can feel the presence of the Lord. The White Light shines through him and engulfs you. He has been blessed by God with many gifts to help people along their journey. He is a very compassionate and loving soul. I have taken many classes from David and have learned many things that I have put to practice along my journey through this life time. I have been having readings from David for over three years. He has hit the nail on the head about 99% of the time in my life and my family's lives. This has been helpful in many ways and also very entertaining at times. He has the most humorous side to himself. It is truly a gift." Mary S. - Caldwell

"David is truly gifted. He speaks truth and contacts your spirit in a most loving, supportive way. The information he imparts is what is needed for you right now. I thank you for your gift, your time." Jerri M. -Boise

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