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994 W. Corporate Lane
Nampa, ID 83651
Phone: (208)465-3610

"Thank You, David. Because of your gift and willingness to share, I feel free to love, forgive, listen once again to music, and go on with life. Seeking new joys and avenues of fulfillment are no longer frightening. You were right on with so many things."  Bobbie C.  - Alaska


?I found time to listen to my tape again and make notes of how right on you were. You said that I had the patience of a saint. Ha!  How right.  With my family I have to have patience.  You said my oldest son had problems with his lungs.  He has had bad allergy problems all of his life.  He still has problems at times and needs to get back on his allergy shots, thus his lung problems are still persisting.  You mentioned a Suzanne, Richard, Howard and Frank.  These are names of friends of mine who have passed away.  My first visit with you, you told me that you thought my dad was there and he was just waving and there was none of that smoke stuff anymore. 


?My company was terminating an old 401K plan and I was trying to decide whether to do a rollover or pay the taxes and penalties and cash it in.  I was talking to David about it, not telling him the amount.  He didn?t know if I was talking about $1,000.00 or $100,000.00.  I did tell him that I had to give a person half of it.  David said that after the split, taxes and penalties I would have ?about? $25,000.00 left.  I didn?t think that sounded right, but when I got the paperwork and did the calculations, I found I would have $25,400.00!?
M. J. - Caldwell

"Since opening the Age Of Aquarius metaphysical book store in '91 I have met many psychics. Some are very good at what they do, but I have never met another psychic as gifted as David Akins. Over the years since meeting David, I have hosted many Psychic Message Circles and I am continually awe struck by this man. David's ability to penetrate and read the souls of those who attend is phenomenal. David is a deeply spiritual man with a marvelous sense of humor. During the Message Circles tears are shed and laughter is shared. No one has ever left disappointed." Margaret C. - Nampa

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