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994 W. Corporate Lane
Nampa, ID 83651
Phone: (208)465-3610

During a private session David will read for any area the client would like to cover. For example, this consists of subjects such as past, present and future, love, career, finances, relationships, life, prayer, spirituality, karma, past lives, and the connection to loved ones who have passed on. The client is able to ask as many questions as they want given the time allotment they have scheduled with David.

Currently, David schedules private appointments Tuesday - Saturdays.

1/2 hour appointments $125.00 by telephone or in person.

Friends & Family hour $300.00 - Minimum of 2 people up to 4 people. In office only, no travel.

Each private session is recorded if client brings in cassette tape or purchases one at The Reflexions Center for $2.00

If you would like to schedule a private psychic reading with David Akins contact The Reflexions Center at: 208-465-3610 or via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

"Begin Your New Reality" By Rev. David Akins This is a CD Series of Love Based Tools of Healing Affirmations, Gift Giving and Prayer. Rev. David Akins is one of the Country's Most Requested Psychics and Spiritualists. Are you tired of your old negative thought patterns that no longer serve you? Would you like to feel more balanced and free of thoughts that burden your heart and mind?; This Affirmation CD offers healing in the areas of anger and pain, healing of the body, success and stability. This is the perfect gift for the self or loved ones.

See the shop page for more products and books.

Psychic Message Circles with David Akins are available. Psychic Message Circles are group events with 12 to 18 people. Each person attending receives a psychic reading from David Akins. This reading will be recorded and is included in the fee for the night.

Psychic Message Circles can be held in private homes, businesses or at the Reflexions Center. To book a private Psychic Message Circle in your home or business, please contact us via email or by calling the Reflexions Center at 208-465-3610. Cost is $50 per person.

Our psychic workshops are formatted to bring each student into studies to further growth in psychic ability. Basic techniques, symbols and psychometry are learned in the beginning workshop and more advanced skills are taught in intermediate and advanced workshops with techniques such as one-on-one psychic readings, photo psychometry, telepathy, and remote viewing. See Calendar of Events for times and dates at the Reflexions Center in Nampa Idaho.